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became clearly manifest, continuing, moreover, or. the succeeding days. The ether flows rapidly in all directions when introduced into the peritoneum, and its antiseptic effect is evidently exerted over a wide area — much better than with camphorated oil. Ether poured into Order Slimfast the abdomen of unanesthetized patients was found not to cause pain ; as usual, the pulse frequency increased for a few minutes, then rapidly improved. The contact Order Slimfast Online Slimfast Shaker of ether with the intestine causes it to redden and contract. In short, further trial of ether in grave peritonitis seems desirable. Treatment of Pruritus ani. — Jerome Wagner, in the International Journal of Surgery for March, 1913, warns that in patients complaining of itching about the Slimfast Meals anus one should not rest content with prescribing, but should examine the part, look into the rectum, and likewise ascertain if Slimfast Cheap any constitu- tional derangement is present. Limitation of The Slimfast Diet the diet Slimfast Cost will often relieve a previously most persistent pruritus. As proctitis is nearly always associated, cleansing irrigations are indicated. A two per cent, hydro- Purchase Slimfast gen dioxide solution is excellent for this Slimfast 123 Plan purpose. From two to four f|uarts should be Cheap Slimfast Products used morning and night. To procure temporary relief from the itching, local applications containing calamine or tar are very efficient. One may prescribe, for example : IJ Calamini, . ) Zinci oxidi. ■ aa 3i (4 grammes) ; Glycerini, . Buy Cheap Slimfast 1 Liquoris calcis, q. s. ad 3! (30 grammes) Fiat lotio. If the perineal skin is moist, a warm sitz bath, followed by a Slimfast Australia dusting with : IJ Zinci oxidi , Hydrargyri chloridi mitis,... }■ .aa Purchase Slimfast Online 3ii (8 grammes). Amyli ) Fiat pulvis. will afford relief. Pediculi and pinworms should not be overlooked as possible causes of pruritus. The former can be overcome with mercurial ointments ; the latter, bv injections of lime water or of : IJ Quassiae Jj (30 Buy Slimfast Online grammes) ; Aquae Ci ( 500 c. c. ) . Bulliatur. Fiat injectio. Iti Slimfast Price cases of anal pruritus of Slimfast 123 marked chronicitv and severitv, radical operation alone permits of re- lief. ,.6/ HDirORlAL ARTICLES. NEW YORK MEDICAL JOURNAL Slimfast Tablets INCORPORATING THE Philadelphia Medical Journal and The Medical News. A Weekly Review of Medicine. EDITORS CHARLES E. de M. SAJOUS, M. D., LL. D. CLAUDE L. WHEELER. A. B., M. D. Address all communications to A. R. ELLIOTT PUBLISHING COMPANY, Publishers, 66 West Broadway, New York. Subscription Price: Under Domestic Postage, $5 ; Foreign Postage, $7; single copies, fifteen cents. Remittances should be made by New York Exchange, post office or express money order, payable to the .\. R. Elliott Publishing Co.. or by registered mail, as the publishers are not responsible for money sent by unregis- tered mail. Entered M the Post Office at New York- and Slimfast Snack Bars admitted for transporta- tion through the mail as second class matter. Cable Address: Medjour, New York. NEW YORK, SATURD.W. DECEMBER 27, Slimfast Canada 1913.

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