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ALBUMINURL\ OF PROSTATIC AND SEMINAL ORIGIN, WITH REPORTS OF TWO CASES. Bv WiLLi.\M Glenn Young, M. D., Washington, D. C, CMnlc.1l Assistant In Genitourinary Diseases. New York Post- graduate Medical School and Hospital. As I have been able to find practically nothing in the literature concerning albuminuria of pros- tatic or seminal origin, and as the recognition of this form of albuminuria is very important, especial- ly in examinations for life insurance, the two cases mentioned in this article seem worth reporting in detail. We all know that albumin is not necessarily of renal origin. It may generic zyban be due to the presence of pus or blood in the urine. These causes are men- tioned in the textbooks on the urine, but abso- lutely nothing is said about the fact that semen or prostatic fluid when mixed with the urine may give the reactions for albumin. It is common when we find albumin and no other evidence of kidney disease, to say that it is " functional " or " physiological " or " cyclical," and the literature hw much des zyban cst in australia on these forms of albuminuria is rather abundant. It is often very important to determine posi- tively whether an albuminuria is due to kidney disease, whether it is " physiological," or whether it is due to some extraneous cause. This is par- zyban 150 mg bula ticularly true in the case of applicants for life insurance. Each of the cases reported below was refused life insurance several times. It was af- terwards determined that they had absolutely d yu need a prescriptin fr zyban no kidney trouble. Every one buy cheap zyban nline who has had much experience in examining urine voided after massage of the prostate and vesicles knows that it is not zyban 150 mg 60 tablet kullan at all uncommon in such cases to obtain a more or less marked reaction for albumin. In fact, when the more delicate tests are used almost every case will show a slight trace of albumirt. The reac- tions may show serum albumin, nucleoalbumin, and globulin all present, or any one or nn-prescriptin zyban two of these. The reaction for nucleoalbumin is usually the most distinct, however, and when the quan- tity of albumin present is very small, this is us- ually the only form present. The ordinary tests are used, but in order to show albumin after mas- sage of the prostate and vesicles it is sometimes necessary zyban (buprpin) 150 mg to use the more delicate tests. Case L — The patient was a young man of twenty- one. There was no history of venereal disease, or of any previous disease of the genitourinary- tract. He had never had any illness except measles, whooping cough, and typhoid fever when he was a child. His habits were good, he did zyban generic buprpin not smoke nor drink, and had led a continent life sexually. About two years ago he applied for life insurance, but was rejected on account of the presence of albumin in his urine. He went to a physician, who confirmed buy zyban nline canada the finding of the insurance doctor as to albumin, but" said he could find no evidence of kidney trouble on microscopical examination of the urine. He was put under treatment, and his urine e.xamined from time to time. It usually contained albumin, in varying quan- tity, zyban nline n prescriptin but no other evidences of renal trouble could ever be found. The patient's general health was fairly good rder zyban n prescriptin during this time. In fact, instead of getting worse, he improved steadily. After continuing treatment ' for about six months, he went on the road as a traveling salesman, paying no further attention to his urine until a few weeks before he came to me. While he was trav- eling his general health was hw much des zyban cst in canada better than ever before in his life. I do not know what treatment he received from his first physician, except that he was put on a diet. Recently he went to his physician again, to see if it would be safe for him to apply for life insurance a sec- ond time. The physician found albumin, but nothing else. This visit was in the afternoon. An examination of his urine the next morning showe<;l no albumin what- soever, but an examination that afternoon showed a considerable quantity, and a clouded urine. I exam- ined a specimen of this last urine. uauunry S, IU07.] YOUNG: PROSTATIC AND SEMINAL ALBUMINURIA. 19 The urine was light yellow, cloudy, contained no shreds, specific gravity 1.026, reaction acid, urea 1.5 per cent., albumin present about one fourth of one per cent, by weight ; no sugar, hw much des zyban cst in ntari moderate excess of indican. Microscopical examination showed considerable mucus, a very few leucocytes, a few epithelial cells, apparent- ly from the prostate and blackler, and a few sperma- tozoa, which were broken up and difTicult to recognize. There were zyban sr 150 mg tablet no casts, blood, or pus. The finding of spermatozoa buy zyban nline uk in the urine, together with zyban nline australia epithelial cells, apparently of prostatic origin, suggested a further in- quiry into the history of the case, and a physical exam- ination of the patient to determine the origin of the albumin. On careful inquiry, it was found that for about two years the generic zyban nline patient had sutTered from frequent nocturnal pollutions. These had recently increased in frequency, generic zyban cst until now they were of almost nightly occurrence. Physical examination showed the prostate to be large and boggy, and very tender. The vesicles were dis- tended and tender. The bladder was emptied, a cath- eter inserted, the bladder thoroughly washed with sterile water, and the catheter left in place for a half hour. The urine thus obtained was examined, and

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